Greg Dunton was my instructor for a Retirement Planning class I took through Santa Rosa Junior College. The information he provided was very pertinent as I was a recent retiree from local government and my wife was a currently employed school teacher. Greg's class was terrific but I completed the class wanting more information about how to manage and prepare for retirement.

My wife and I had questions regarding Social Security and how best to handle a moderate sized investment portfolio. We wanted low risk and high security. We also had questions around annuities and other financial instruments. For example, we wanted to know more about the differences between fixed and variable annuities.

We invited Greg into our home for a couple of get-acquainted sessions. After the second session we became comfortable with Greg and developed confidence in his extensive knowledge and experience. Yes, he was thoroughly professional, but not at the expense of overlooking our personal issues around retirement planning and budgeting. As to budgeting, at least 50% of the time and energy we expended dealt with budget issues. Greg was not afraid of hurting our feeling over saying what needed to be said. He was always objective, frank and right to the point, but never judgmental. He answered all of our questions, no matter how simple or redundant. He never took more than a day to respond to a telephone or email question. Greg was very generous about dispensing printed information that could be helpful in our understanding of retirement issues.

My wife and I are very happy with Greg Dunton’s recommendations and suggestions which have been implemented. We feel very secure about our retirement future. For this we thank Greg Dunton.

He has our strongest recommendation.
Tom and Marion

Greg was great to work with, he is very knowledgeable, did his research and offered us several plans to explore. Most importantly, he explained our options in a way that was easy to understand. Greg made what could have been a confusing and frustrating experience clear and hassle free.
Ed and Marsha Schneider

Greg goes the extra mile; he thinks of the possibilities and their different ramifications; he doesn't work one track; he doesn't veer off. He treats me like family
Barbara O'Donnell

Good morning, Greg-

Dale and I can't thank you enough for spending the time with us to educate us on our retirement. We have learned so much from taking your courses and spending time with you last night. Thank you so much. Feeling the warm and fuzzy :-)

Thank you
Dale & Cristina

This man is amazing! He provides business planning and mentoring. I just cannot speak highly enough of him. He is patient and he is committed. He has endless resources to offer.
Aine Gerosa
Gerosa Construction, Inc.
Before I turned 65 I had so many questions that I felt I needed a professional to talk to so I could make the correct informed choices about Medicare and all it entailed. So I called Greg and I am so glad I did. He was available right away and was eager to sit down with my husband and I and answer all our questions. He explained things simply and thoroughly. He showed us several options that would work for us and basically all we had to do was to make a decision and sign papers, he did the rest. The BEST part is that he is still available year after year to give assistance as needed and answer any question I have. I am thrilled to have Greg Dunton working with me and I recommend him highly.
Jackie Armstrong